We will be participating in a webinar hosted by the UKAA entitled ‘Managing the risk of major Escape of Water (leaks) in Build-to-rent property’, on Tuesday 2nd May at 10am-11am. Aqualeak’s Business Development Manager, Andrew Jones, will be joined on the panel by James Didlock, Real Estate Claims Director at Aon in a session chaired by Emma Vigus, Business Development Director at Aon.

As the number one cause of property insurance claims in the UK, both by volume and value, the impact of a water leak from a burst or faulty pipe on Build-to-Rent (BRE) owner/operators, and their residents, can be significant. This webinar aims to raise awareness of the growing risk of Escape of water events in residential property, as well as provide some practical advice on how to manage and mitigate the risk of leaks occurring in BTR properties.

small ukaa logoThe UKAA is an association that represents the UK BTR sector. For more information on the webinar and to register to attend, please haga clic aquí.




  1. To raise awareness of the growing risk of Escape of Water events in bloques residenciales such as BTR properties and the impacts they can cause
  2. Provide an insurance view on the trends being seen in Escape of Water claims and how insurer attitudes to risk on developments is being affected
  3. Highlight the consequences of such Escape of Water events
  4. To inform attendees on the practical steps that can be taken to minimise the risk of Escape of Water, including risk assessments and technology that can monitor for leaks and trigger a mitigating action
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